Thanks guys,

MySQL defines the field as a DATETIME , so the return type is time_t. As
far as I could find out, there is no helper funtion to convert this into
secs from 1 Jan 1970 , so I got around it by using the difftime() call
and subtracting the returned value from 1/1/1970. difftime() returns the
difference in seconds.

Not sure it is the most elegant way to do it but it works ...;-}


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Ken Ramsay writes:
 >           time = dbi_result_get_uint(result,
 > "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(HIST_Timestamp)");

Without actually trying the code: one rough guess is that MySQL does not
return the timestamp as an uint value but as something longer. Did you
try using dbi_result_get_field_type() and
dbi_result_get_field_attrib() to find out which type is returned?


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