Hello List,

Is there any interest in writing python bindings for libDBI?

I've been pondering over the idea of a pyDBI for a while now. The 
advantages of a scriptable interface to libDBI should be obvious. But it 
goes without saying that having such a binding could make for some very 
versatile Web apps.

In combination with projects like Pyro ( 
http://www.xs4all.nl/~irmen/pyro3/ ), (Java RMI equivalent for Python) 
one could have a very powerful network capable database independent SQL 
interface. A layman's ODBC. This would in essence allow anyone to create 
a "libdbi server" of sorts. Accessible from any desktop or web server 
that has python support.

I'm planning on hacking away at it in my free time. libDBI is a very 
straightforward library and as such, I plan to keep my pydbi simple as 
well. Not that I have much python expertise to complicate matters in the 
first place. An almost straight pass through from C to Python, with 
cython taking care of most data type conversions.

Here is the git repo I'm using:
git clone git://pydbi.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/pydbi/pydbi

Here is a link the git web interface if you do not have git installed:

There is a little test program called test.py in the repo you can try out.

You will need the Python dev files and cython to build the pydbi module. 
Both available from distro repositories. cython is only a compile time 

$ apt-get install python2.6-dev cython



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