I'm curious if there's a way to disconnect a dbi_conn without destroying the 
handle in the process?

The Ferite Libdbi interface works on a 'connect or die' system, something like 

object dbh = Dbi.connect("mysql", "localhost", "root");
if( !dbh ) { // Failed to connect } else { // Connected }

At the moment, I am attempting to modify this to allow, for example:

object dbh = new Dbi();
dbh.connect("mysql", "localhost", "root");
if( !dbh.connected() ) { println( dbh.errmsg() ); }

Then, freely dbh.close() and dbh.open() later on.  The trouble is I can't 
figure out a way to close the connection without destroying the underlying 
dbi_conn handle.

If there isn't currently a way, would a patch implementing, for example, a 
"dbi_conn_disconnect(dbi_conn Conn)" be considered?

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