Daniel Hilst writes:
 > I'm trying to setup collectd to monitor a MS SQLServer, collectd uses 
 > libdbi, witch uses freetds driver.. I can connectd with tsql, but 
 > test_dbi can't.. Here is its output:
 > http://pastebin.com/6kfzfPjw


I'm not familiar with the freetds driver, and I do not have a
SQLServer or Sybase installation to fiddle with. Can you check the
server logs to find out why the driver was unable to connect?
 > Also I have a question, what should I put on version?. I tried 7.0 which 
 > is the tds version used with freetds, but without successs.

The driver source suggests that the version should use the format
X.XX.XX. If you're using version 7.x, only the first character is
checked though, so "7.0" should have worked here as well.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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