HURIDOCS (Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems,
International) is seeking a new Executive Director effective immediately.

HURIDOCS is an international NGO based in Geneva, Switzerland. Since its
establishment in 1982, its focus has been to provide advice and assistance
to human rights organisations in developing best practices for their
documentation work, as well as providing digital solutions for
the management and analysis of their human rights information.

We believe in the power of information, and that reliable and valuable
information is based on relevant, accurate and timely data. The collection
and management of such information is central for the human rights
organisations to more effectively advocate for their causes. To support
human rights organisations in this work, we draw on knowledge and expertise
from diverse fields such as technology, human rights advocacy, information
science, library science, communication and human rights law.

At this point in time we have 50+ partners in different regions of the
world, such as Africa, Asia, Asia-Pacific, former Soviet Union, Europe,
Latin America, Middle East and North Africa and North America and we expect
the number of partners to grow in the coming years.

HURIDOCS employs 17 staff members with a total of 13 full time positions.
Our head office is in Geneva, but our team is truly international, with
many staff members operating remotely.

*We expect:*

   - A willingness to embrace new challenges with HURIDOCS’ partners while
   ensuring continuity and quality in our work and products.
   - Some travelling will be required, but Geneva will be the base for the
   most part of the working time.
   - An open management style, with regular contact and ongoing
   communication and dialogue with all staff members regardless of their
   physical location.

*General Duties:*

   - Lead strategic planning and implementation of strategy
   - Fundraising
   - General management of HURIDOCS resources, including financial and
   human resources
   - Liaising with and reporting to the Chair and Board
   - Representing HURIDOCS to the human rights community, and to the public
   at large
   - Maintaining good relationships with partners and funders
   - Maintaining knowledge of the needs in relation to information and
   documentation of organisations in the human rights space, as well as an
   understanding of technology trends and directions from a management
   - Organisational development, including team building

*Specific Duties:*

   - Overall supervision and guidance of the software development process
   - Identifying and understanding the needs of the organisations HURIDOCS
   serves, and available opportunities
   - Cultivating the ground for HURIDOCS‘ powerhouses’ – organisations in
   different regions to serve as focal points for HURIDOCS’ human rights
   solutions in different regions of the world


   - University education: Preferably at least a master’s degree in a
   discipline relating to the work of HURIDOCS, or its equivalent in a
   relevant field
   - A background in the Human Rights environment and knowledge of how
   legal systems operate is highly desirable
   - An ability to communicate about complex topics in engaging ways


   - Proven ability to raise funds and to secure strategic relationships
   with key actors (Required)
   - Strong communications, facilitation and presentation skills, and the
   ability to manage communications specialists so that HURIDOCS’ story is
   told effectively (Desired)
   - Fluency in both written and spoken English and proficiency in another
   language (Required)
   - Familiarity with different types of technology and their application
   in a human rights context (Required)
   - Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to manage a diverse
   international and multicultural workplace (Required)
   - Ability to lead negotiations (Required)


   - Experience in the successful management of a non-profit organisation
   - At least 5 years experience in the human rights field (Strongly

We are aiming at having our new Executive Director in place in Geneva in
January 2017. Visit our website for more information. If
you have any specific questions you may contact HURIDOCS Board Member
Douglas Arellanes Your application and CV
should be sent to no later than 15 October 2016.

*Do you know a good candidate for this job? Please share this with that
person and help us spread the word!*
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