Hi all.
In recent days a number of high profile activists in Azerbaijan report
their Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts either fully hacked or multiple
logins that were not the owner's were attempted. Additionally, beyond the
daily troll army, a few fake profiles with doxxing information have been

We've seen this all before, but this is a sudden increase in quantity and

Before you ask, yes, there are a lot of people that do not engage in the
best personal security hygiene - two level authentication etc should be
turned on, but getting individuals to change their behavior is never easy.
Proactive and preventative behaviors aren't the topic right now.

What I'm looking for here are people - an organization or otherwise - that
can help with retroactive help - help in closing down fake profiles, help
in recovering accounts.

An additional challenge is that a great deal of the materials designed to
help people report malicious or nefarious activity are in English. Some
people are trying to make screen shot instructions on what things to click
on, but the ongoing need to help with translation, etc. is an issue too.

Please contact me privately if you have some ideas. I don't wish for this
to be a list-wide discussion, for the privacy of these individuals.

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