Hi, LT

I'm a digital rights researcher scoping out my master's thesis and I'm
looking for a policy-relevant research question about Facebook, focusing on
either privacy or automated content moderation. The goal would be to do
research about the question that would be useful for people doing
digital-rights oriented advocacy and policy work.

*Since you all have your ear to the ground on these topics, I just wanted
to reach out and see if you had any burning questions you would like to see
research on.*

Is there a statement you've heard recently about these topics that you
doubt and wish you had research to prove your hunch? Or perhaps an argument
you have been making in your work that you think could be strengthened by

Offers for collaboration or connections to other experts are welcome too!


Zak Rogoff
@zakkai <https://twitter.com/Zakkai>
PGP: 82DE8D64B5090AC8
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