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Please forward to your Stanford lists! I’m particularly interested in
reaching CS and Med students!

GISDay@Stanford is the Stanford Geospatial Center's annual celebration of
spatial data technologies in research and teaching. This year, we are
focusing on building skills for Stanford Students and making sure that they
walk away with useable knowledge. Presenters will be here, all day, to
present their platforms and demonstrate what those platforms can provide
Stanford researchers, as well as socializing with attendees.

   - AP's Martha Mendoza will Keynote the event with a talk about how she
   used Geospatial Data and technologies to free more than 2000 people from
   "fishing slavery."
   - Collect swag from vendors and meet with them over the lunch/social
   event at the Hartley Conference Center at Mitchell Earth Science Building,
   - Have lunch on us (Lunch tickets will be distributed at the end of teh
   morning's sessions at The David Rumsey Map Center, so attendance is
   - Plan to stay all day to pack your Geospatial Toolkit with new ideas
   and we'll hand out this year's GISDay@Stanford 2018 t-shirts, at the end
   of the day, to our attendees! (while supplies last!)

*Please note that registration is currently restricted to Stanford
Affiliates. **If you would like to attend, but are not a Stanford
affiliate, please add yourself to the waiting list and we will release
unclaimed tickets the week before the event.*

View the full GISDay@Stanford 2018 schedule & directory.

Wednesday, November 14


*Welcome & Logistics*


*Keynote: Trafficking and Tech: How GIS, satellite photos, radio comms and
vessel broadcasts helped free more than 2,000 slaves - Martha Mendoza


*Descartes Labs: A data refinery, built to understand our planet with
instant access to science-ready imagery and intelligence from multiple data
sources - Jordan Winkler*


* Our daily imagery gives you fresh insights about more places
on the planet than anyone else - Sara Safavi*


*n00b Mapbox API 10: An overview of the Mapbox stack and key APIs for New
Developers - Nadia Barbosa*


*Pick up lunch tickets*


*Lunch and Vendor Fair / Networking*


*Games and Giveaways!Stace Maples*


*Lightning Talks: Rapid Fire Presentations of Stanford Research - Various


*Google Earth Engine: A multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery and
geospatial datasets with planetary-scale analysis capabilities. In a
browser - Tyler Erickson*


*DroneDeploy: Capture images, create maps and 3D models, and analyze data
across research areas and industry - Stephanie Ly • Christina Phan*


*DigitalGlobe Foundation: Accessing and Analyzing Satellite Imagery for
Research & Teaching - Dr. Kumar Navulur*


*Spatial Data Resources for Research & Teaching at Stanford University
- Stace Maples • Jack Reed*


*T-Shirts! - Stace Maples*

In F,L&T,

Stace Maples

Geospatial Manager

Stanford Geospatial Center


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