Dear all,

In association with the OECD, mySociety will be hosting our 5th annual The
Impacts of Civic Technology Conference (TICTeC)
<> on 19 & 20 March 2019 in Paris. It will
be held at OECD's beautiful Chateau and Conference Centre during OECD's Global
Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

*Call for Papers / Session Proposals*

Help shape the TICTeC programme by submitting a presentation or session
proposal <>, you have
until *11th January*.

Do you have research into the impacts of civic tech projects you want to
present? Or perhaps you'd like to run a workshop that relates to the
conference's theme? TICTeC is that safe space to talk about successes and
failures, which really helps to advance the civic technology and digital
democracy field.

For inspiration and ideas, take a look at previous TICTeC programmes and

   - Your Guide to TICTeC
   - 2 minute TICTeC 2018 summary video
   - TICTeC Lisbon 2018 programme
   - TICTeC Florence 2017 programme
   - TICTeC@Taipei 2017 programme <>
   - TICTeC Barcelona 2016 programme
   - TICTeC London 2015 programme

If you need guidance on submitting a session proposal don't hesitate to
contact us on


Early bird tickets are available until 8th February 2019 and provide a £100
discount. Previous TICTeC events have sold out, so it’s well worth
registering <> before they run

*Official carrier*

Air France KLM is the official carrier for TICTeC 2019. In order to get a
discounted price for your trip, please use this link
to book your flight. The discount code is available for flights between 12
and 27 March 2019. Search for your flight, book the best option and get
ready to join us in Paris!


mySociety is a charity and relies on sponsorship and ticket sales to make
TICTeC happen. If you’d like to support TICTeC to bring together the
world’s best Civic Technology researchers and practitioners, there are many
different sponsorship opportunities available. Please visit our sponsorship
page <> for more details, or
contact for more information.

We hope to see you in Paris for another fantastic TICTeC event.

All the best,


Gemma Moulder (née Humphrys)

*Events Manager /** Alaveteli Partnerships Manager *

mySociety | <>

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