Jeff Brown recently re-joined Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) at
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as Division

USAID DIV supports piloting and rigorous testing of innovations in
development and helps transition the most successful innovations to scale.

For example, DIV supported a rigorous evaluation by James Habyarimana and
Billy Jack of Georgetown University which found dramatic reductions in
accident rates from placing stickers in minibuses in Kenya encouraging
passengers to speak up if the driver was driving unsafely. DIV then
supported a national scale up, and the innovation is now improving safety
for millions of Kenyans and being rigorously tested to see if there are
similar effects in other countries.

Jeff and Michael are looking for someone to join  DIV leadership team in
the exciting and senior role of Science, Technology, Innovation, and
Partnership (STIP) Officer. The details are at

The job posting was just made but apparently is scheduled to close in 3
days on December 13!

A few items to note:

   - Unfortunately, the position is only open to US citizens.
   - The U.S. federal government's human resources policy requires filling
   out a questionnaire. Please make sure to answer the questions in a detailed
   fashion as CVs and resumes may not explicitly cover areas such as
   "teamwork." If the applicant isn't familiar with the process of applying
   for government jobs through such forms, you might want to research it or
   reach out to someone who is familiar with the process.
   - Unfortunately, Jeff and Michael aren't in a position to provide
   further info beyond what's on the website until the prospective applicant
   applies and makes it further in the process (e.g., interview panel).

Please feel free to apply and/or circulate the opportunity widely.
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