The Aspen Institute, founded in 1950, is an international nonprofit
organization dedicated to fostering enlightened leadership and open-minded
dialogue. Through seminars, policy programs, conferences and leadership
development initiatives, the Institute and its international partners seek
to promote nonpartisan inquiry into critical issues of the day. The
Institute is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has campuses in Aspen,
Colorado, and on the Wye River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The Aspen Tech Policy Hub is a West Coast policy incubator, training a new
generation of tech policy entrepreneurs. We take tech experts, teach them
the policy process through an in-residence fellowship program in the Bay
Area, and encourage them to develop outside-the-box solutions to society’s
problems. We model ourselves after tech incubators like Y Combinator, but
train new policy thinkers and focus the impact of their ideas. Our first
cohort will arrive in June 2019.

The Hub seeks a full time summer intern (and if available, spring intern
for 10ish hours a week) to work closely with the Director to help the Hub
manage the arrival of its first cohort and expand its external
communications. This will be our first intern, and so the ideal candidate
will be flexible and excited to jump into all aspects of Hub operations.
Possible work includes:

Recruiting and scheduling speakers

   - Organizing events, including recruiting events, dinners, and larger
   events such as our fall launch;
   - Managing the facility where the Hub is located, including booking
   rooms and preparing them for meetings;
   - Developing outreach databases for recruiting and partnership;
   - Supporting communications work by drafting tweets and newsletters;
   - Liaising with external vendors to produce publications and prepare
   - Coordinating meetings with policymakers; and
   - Assisting with outreach for the Hub's winter fellowship cohort.

Potential applicants should have experience working on communications and
outreach and have strong writing and research skills. Applicant should also
be organized, responsible, and reliable. This is the perfect role for a
student interested in learning about the operations of a small non-profit.

To apply please visit and follow the
instructions to apply for Aspen Tech Policy Hub Intern. Applicants must
submit cover letter and resume.
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