The Engineering and Design project manager supports and facilitates
communication between EFF teams. We're looking for someone who is ready to
support our lawyers, activists and technologists, while maintaining our
project portfolio in good shape and our deliveries on time.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

   - Support EFF teams in coming up with sound project proposals for web
   and design projects including scope, dependencies, timeline and estimates.
   - Set goals and milestones for web development and design projects. Help
   the engineering and design teams break down and distribute tasks.
   - Facilitate regular project meetings with project stakeholders, keep
   track of action items and communicate important updates.
   - Monitor the requests queue for Design and Engineering
   - Triage bugs for our applications.
   - Communicate with the EFF about operational changes, outages, new
   processes and new features on our web tools. Maintain the relevant internal
   - Help identify and test 3rd party tools for internal use.

Minimum Qualifications:

   - 1yr experience working with a web development team or similar
   - Knowledge of the process of designing, developing, and releasing a web
   - Experience filing and triaging bugs and tickets.
   - Some user support experience would be great.
   - Excellent communication and facilitation skills.

Desired Additional Qualifications:

   - Some Product Management experience
   - Comfortable with a programming language and/or the command line (maybe
   you went through a Bootcamp but decided coding was not your full-time
   - Experience working with designers, UX researchers or graphics
   - Our Engineering and Design team is a diverse and friendly group that
   values work-life balance and making the office an enjoyable place to be. We
   frequently bring snacks to share, have silent movies days and visits from
   each others pets.

EFF is a great place to work. We offer a supportive and empowering
environment, along with an excellent benefits package including housing
cost assistance, student loans assistance, medical, dental, and vision
insurance, a 403(b)(7) retirement savings program with matching, paid time
off, holiday benefits, parental leave, a family and pet-friendly workplace,
and more.

As an advocacy organization, EFF is committed to being part of a diverse
community. Diversity of life experiences makes a big difference in how we
identify and litigate legal issues, design privacy-enhancing software, and
organize our activism. To that end, we deliberately seek applicants with
different perspectives, identities, and experiences to build an inclusive
workplace to better inform our advocacy and defense of freedom in our
digital world. EFF is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people
of all races, genders, ages, abilities, orientations, ethnicities, and
national origins to apply.

This is a full time, salaried, exempt position based in our San Francisco
office with full benefits. As this position will collaborate closely with
EFF’s activists, attorneys, and technologists, remote work is not an option.

To apply please submit a resume, a cover letter indicating your interest in
the position and EFF through the link below.
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