So, would the shape function derivatives account the orientation of the 

For instance, a 1D element oriented along:   x-axis   vs   y-axis   vs   x=y 

In all cases, there is only one shape function defined along the element 
coordinate. But its derivative wrt x and y will vary. Is this handled for both 
1st order and 2nd order Lagrange (for instance)?


> On Feb 12, 2018, at 5:06 PM, Roy Stogner <> wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Feb 2018, Manav Bhatia wrote:
>>  I was looking through some code in FE and noticed some comments
>>  about 1D/2D elements in 3D space. What is the extent of support
>>  for this?
> If you're using just one or just the other, then the support should be
> complete.
> If you're connecting one to the other (or connecting either/both to 3D
> elements), then you don't get neighbor links for those connections.
> If you're overlapping one on or within the other (e.g. elements which
> occupy the sides of higher dimensional elements) and you want them to
> share DoFs consistently then I think you're limited to LAGRANGE
> variables for those DoFs.
> ---
> Roy

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