On Tue, 13 Mar 2018, Vasileios Vavourakis wrote:

oh, I thought that the default setting in the Parallel::Communicator (i.e. see 
 for the
“communicator” is: MPI_COMM_SELF

It is, but init.comm() isn't a default-constructor communicator, it's
a default-for-most-users communicator.  Typically when someone runs on
N processors it's because they want everything parallelized between N
processors, so we make it easy to get an All-N-Processors

unless it gets initialised to MPI_COMM_WORLD somewhere in the
LibMeshInit - apologies, i’m not always successful looking for some
details in the library documentation :(

That's a very polite way to say "Why don't you even have a single line
of documentation for LibMeshInit::comm()?"  I would have been tempted
to phrase that with much more cursing.

I'll put together a PR with better comments now, so it'll get into the
online Doxygen eventually.

I will give it a spin and update libmesh-users asap...

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