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OKay so tested with 


on OSX 10.11.6

with a Thunderbolt display attached to a MacBookPro retina


How to reproduce :

1) Load the test file into Impress

2) Keep the Impress window on Macbook screen, do not move it to the separate

3) Press fn+F5 on MacbookPro keyboard

4) The slideshow appears on the separate display (Thunderbolt display), and the
Presenter Console appears on the Macbook Pro retina screen

5) Now use the arrow keys on the Macbook Pro keyboard to move slides - notice
how the transitions become choppy.

Note : I can not reproduce the problem if I drag the Impress window to the
separate display first, then launch the slideshow. In those circumstances, the
slide transitions remain smooth (at least from my testing), so this could be a
workaround. The Presenter Console still gets displayed on the MacbookPro screen

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