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Strictly speaking, I can't reproduce this.

The problem is that this document has a direct "do not underline" formatting

After performing the steps to reproduce, and indeed, failing for the
underlining to appear on the Heading 2, do Ctrl+A, Ctrl+M and the underline

It also works if Ctrl+A and Ctrl+M is done before the steps to reproduce: the
misbehavior does not occur.

This also doesn't happen on a clean document.

Ctrl+A selects all text and Ctrl+M is the equivalent of "Clear Direct

My guess is that the user intended to "unapply underline as direct-format" by
deselecting "U" from the toolbar and Writer did "apply no-underline as
direct-format" instead, leading to an overridden style format. This direct
format gets removed when doing Ctrl+M and now everything works as expected.

Take a look at comment 13 on bug #89960 [1] and comment 1 on bug #89960 [2]
where I describe this as the "hidden DF trap".


My suggestion is for this bug to be closed as duplicate of #89960.

Tested on Debian/Sid with LibO

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