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This is because the "Strong Emphasis" Character Style is also applied. When you
cleared direct formatting it does not clear character styles (as they are not
direct formatting). Try this:

1. Open the sample document uploaded the Joshua.

2. Hit Ctrl+A, Ctrl+M (Select All, Clear Direct Formatting). This will reveal
the bold text.

3. Press F11 until you have the "Styles and Formatting" side pane open.

4. Select the second button (the first one has three lines as icon and is for
Paragraph styles while the second one has a lowercase "a" as icon and is for
character styles).

5. Move the cursor to a non-bold section. Notice how the "Default Style"
character style is chosen.

6. Click on some part in between of the bold text, to move the cursor there.
Notice how the "Strong Emphasis" character style is chosen.

7. Hit Ctrl+A (Select All) again and double click on "Default Style".

8. The bold text should disappear.

I tested this on my system and it worked. Can you confirm that this works on

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