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(In reply to Regina Henschel from comment #1)
> Please read section "20.183fo:font-size" of ODF 1.2 spec,
> The word Emphasis has got a style from the "automatic-styles", but percent
> values can only be used with common styles. That are those which the user
> has created. The nesting of the tags does not reflect the intended markup.
> You assume, that the percentage refers the font-size of the paragraph, but
> that is not correct. It refers the font-size value of its parent style. The
> predefined style "Emphasis" has no parent style at all.
> I have created a suitable test document for bug 101783. (I have noticed this
> bug only after the other has already been submitted.)

However, section 16.2 specifies how to proceed when a formatting attribute is
not found in a style. Not an expert, but my interpretation is that, according
to § 20.183 "150%" means "150% of the parent style" so the parent style size
must be calculated first. Because the attribute is not found on the parent
style, the algorithm in § 16.2 should be followed to first calculate what the
"parent size" --so to call it-- would be. Being a "text" style, it will fall
back to the containing "paragraph" style (Default Style) and evaluate to 16
(not 12) and then multiply by 150%.

Namely, the paragraph I'm referring to says: "If a search of the parent styles
of a style does not result in a value for a formatting property, the
determination of its value depends on the style family and the element to which
a style is applied." And goes on to state some cases.

I hope I didn't miss anything. Should I also comment this on bug 101783?

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