--- Comment #2 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <> ---
(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #1)
> Users who configured their system to start the program by double-click will
> not agree with you. The best solution would be to bind it to the system
> setting.

A user's system setting on the mouse click behavour of launching of an
application has nothing to do with the selection of an entry to be opened in
the start center.

> But I guess that's not so easy in respect to the various systems. In this
> case I vote for WONTFIX, or rather to have double click activation for both
> templates (no change needed) and recent files (change this). 

With the application pane and recent files being single-click execution,
changing templates to this behaviour is the better choice.

> Reason is that lists typically provide selection with single-click
> interaction and execution per double-click. The selection gives us also the
> opportunity to show information, for instance, or to provide further
> interactions (consider also single left vs. right click, which isn't
> available for recent files).

If it were possible to multiselect entries, single-click selection might be
useful, but doubt multiselect would be useful for templates. With single-click
activation, it is still possible to have right-click interactions if required.

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