--- Comment #10 from Heiko Tietze <> ---
(In reply to Yousuf Philips (jay) from comment #8)
* Master provides access to subtitles next to the auto-layouts

Alternative solutions, except of killing styles:
* Master is not used to deal with styles, i.e. no font color
* Master is/can be defined per slide layout (Slide design is actually a dialog
to access templates per Load...); Microsoft Powerpoint works like this
* Styles dialog gets an overhaul and it becomes clear what style can be changed

* Workaround: Sidebar shows Styles and Formatting > Presentation Styles in
master edit mode with a WYSIWYG preview; the subtitle is part of this list

Presentation styles cannot be applied to the selection, meaning I cannot switch
a subtitle into a title. That's confusing since Graphic Styles, which are
applied to text boxes and have the same look and feel as auto-layouts, work as
expected. When we rename this style to Master Style it would be more clear (or
we drop one of the styles *g*).

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