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(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #10)
> * Master provides access to subtitles next to the auto-layouts

Tried to think of a plausible way this could be done, but couldnt come up with
one, so look forward to seeing your mockup.

> Alternative solutions, except of killing styles:
> * Master is not used to deal with styles, i.e. no font color

The good thing about master slide mode is that users are modifying the
underlying styles like they normally modify direct formatting.

> * Master is/can be defined per slide layout (Slide design is actually a
> dialog to access templates per Load...); Microsoft Powerpoint works like this

Doubt it would be easy to change to powerpoint's concept of master slides and
their child layouts, but it would be nice to assign a default layout to a
master slide. We currently have 3 main layout types - Title+Subtitle,
Title+Content, Subtitle

> * Styles dialog gets an overhaul and it becomes clear what style can be
> changed

Would have to hear more about the idea to get what you mean.

> * Workaround: Sidebar shows Styles and Formatting > Presentation Styles in
> master edit mode with a WYSIWYG preview; the subtitle is part of this list

Should likely be renamed Master Slide Element Styles for better clarity as i
always assumed it was a global style for the entire presentation, as thats how
paragraph and cell styles are, but actually they are per master slide styles.

> Presentation styles cannot be applied to the selection, meaning I cannot
> switch a subtitle into a title. That's confusing since Graphic Styles, which
> are applied to text boxes and have the same look and feel as auto-layouts,
> work as expected.

I was confused on this as well previously.

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[Bug 102341] [META] Master slide mode bugs and enhancements
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