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People thanks for your reactions and looking into this!

Cor, I tried creating a new document and experienced the same problems. I will
reproduce the same document later and see if it still bugs. My suspicion is
that tables within tables cause the problem, where one table cell spans 10 or
20 pages and that cell includes at least two tables which each span more than
one page.

T.L. I am not sure if we have the same problem? At least with us it didn’t have
to do with MacOS X versions and tables do not render gibberish. If you
experience gibberish, probably those are not connected.

Timur, I can attach the original document we use and sometimes break. Later on,
I can test more. 
The original document is .odt
We use our own blank document again and again and as far as I know, it was
created in OpenOffice by a colleague of mine.
The same error occurred with four people, three of which using Mac and one on
Windows. It occurs very often with Eline on an Airbook, and with Merijn on
Windows, so often that they didn’t want to use LibreOffice any more.
The system I am using was already stated. The document attached broke when
saving from a Windows machine.
All errors occurred when editing a copy of our master blank document which I
will attach.

Thanks for looking into this,


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