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> > Description:
> > In Switzerland and Liechtenstein the spelling of several German words is
> > different to the spelling of German in other countries, where German is
> > spoken. This affects words with the letter 'ß'. In Switzerland and
> > Liechtenstein this letter is not used. Instead they use a double-s ('ss'). 
> > In the AutoCorrect replacement list for German (Switzerland, Liechtenstein)
> > this difference is not considered. 
> Do you know whether this affects "German - Austria" and "German -
> Luxembourg" too?

In Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium the 'ß' is used like in Germany. Hence no
changes in the AutoCorrect replacement list for this states are necessary.

Problems may occur with 'foreign' keyboards that don't have an 'ß' and a user
likes to edit a correct German text. This is only possible with additional
efforts, e. g. via Special Characters or with macros. An AutoCorrect function
that replaces an 'ss' by an 'ß' for the respective words would be fine for this
case. That may also help German users, because there is an uncertainty about
the use of the 'ß' since the orthograpy reform of 1996.

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