--- Comment #7 from Dirk W. <> ---
Julian, I deinstalled Java 32 and 64 absolutely (I know, how to do it) and
reinstalled only Java 64, so that no doubt could be over the „right“ java
installation. After installing I controlled Tools\Options\Advanced\Java Options
and the JRE was „already installed“. – But the fault remained. (The LO
directory profile is at the right place, and there was no need to change.)

That all went under my VirtualBox. I can understand your tip to exclude all
possibilities of faults, but I’m very sure, that there will be no difference,
if I do the same under the real desktop.

I have made a CleanInstall last week, so I would like to hold on the „clean“
situation of my desktop. „A try on [my] real desktop“ would require a
deinstallation of LO and Java 32 and then an installation of LO
and Java 64. Again: I’m sure, that this action would not change something.

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