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(In reply to Kevin Suo from comment #2)
> I talked with sophi in #libreoffice-qa IRC channel, and she thinks this one
> is not a bug, because to generate Master document and HTML document, one has
> to apply (title) styles. And if no styles were applied, those two menus
> should be grayed-out (which is another bug).
> But I do not agree with sophi, because in English UI, I can generate Master
> Document / HTML Document even I do not apply styles (using the "Default
> Style"). But in non-English UI, I can not do so.
> So I put NeedDevEval in whiteboard.

I do not agree as well. And I think this is bug report is duplicate of bug
67260 that I've reported back in 2013.

If it's available in English, it better be in any other language also ;)

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