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This problem was not resolved when reported and still exists in the new
release. There is only one currency in Uganda (the country where the Ludandans
are only one tribe of many live) UGX or USh for Uganda Shilling and 42 local
languages from 23 language groups. It is obviously not a good idea to tie
language and currency together unless you are prepared to have a many to one
relationship. The fact is there is no Ganda currency, there is a Uganda
currency issued by the Bank of Uganda which was established in 1966, by Act of
Parliament of the Ugandan government. ISO 4217 assigns the Ugandan currency the
alphabetic code "UGX" and the numeric code "800" and the currency name "Ugandan

The Ganda people (Bugandans) only represent 16% of the population of Uganda. If
you are worried about linking Uganda with UGX/USh and want to maintain the 
Ganda then you need to add the following list or you are disenfranchising 84%
of the Ugandan population or about 30 million people.

UGX USh Acholi
UGX USh Adhola
UGX USh Alur
UGX USh Aringa
UGX USh Bari
UGX USh Elgon
UGX USh Ganda
UGX USh Karamojong
UGX USh Kiga
UGX USh Kuman
UGX USh Lango
UGX USh Lugbara
UGX USh Lussese
UGX USh Ma'di
UGX USh Nkole
UGX USh Nyoro
UGX USh Pokot
UGX USh Soga 
UGX USh Teso
UGX USh Tooro

By the way I noticed (and raised a different ticket for it, but the Kenyan
Shilling (KES) is not available at all.

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