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Issue still exists in 6.0 Release :(

At least I could nail down the issue a bit. The problem seems to be a change in
the LibO Code which takes the GUI-Icons out of the Theme-Zip-File (for example: extracts, scales and copies them to the cache-directory. In
LibO until 5.4.4 this works (quiet) well. In LibO 6 there is a change that does
two things:

1.) Icons that are 256 colors (as the mentioned FilOpen-Icons in Startpage) get
corrupted. I'l add a zip containing two of those broken icons taken from the

2.) The changed routine also introduces badly image-scaling. Icons in 6.0 look
uglier (a little bigger and a lot more jagged) than in 5.4.4. If I take the
cached Icons from 5.4.4 and copy them over to the 6.0 cache, the gui looks the
same as in 5.4.4, so its really just the way LibO 6 converts the icons from the
zip to the cache. I'll also ad a comparison graphic that point out the
difference in icon-conversion from 5.4.4 to 6.0.

For testing, you need to clear the cache directory, start LibO, close all
LibO-Instances, and open LibO again. Only than you will see the Icons "built"
by the current LibO-Version.

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