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Hi Samuel, I have read in, that you
are going to introduce a new attribute, "This adds a new loext:resize-with-cell
attribute for ODF to the draw:frame element."

Please describe, how this new attribute will interact with already existing
19.627 table:end-cell-address
19.632 table:end-x
19.633 table:end-y

The UI in Excel and Gnumeric have these settings:
Don't move or size with cells (Excel), Absolute size and position (Gnumeric).
That is "anchor to page" in LibreOffice.
Move and size with cells (Excel), Move and resize with cells (Gnumeric).
Move but don't size with cells(Excel), Move with cells (Gnumeric).

Gnumeric sets the attribute "table:end-cell-address" in case of B in ODF. So
Gnumeric solves the size problem without introducing a new attribute.

>From my understanding, you get the case C, if no additional attribute is used
on the frame. Then the size is determined by svg:width and svg:height. Only
LibreOffice does currently not respect the fixed size.

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