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(In reply to Regina Henschel from comment #4)
> Hi Samuel, I have read in, that
> you are going to introduce a new attribute, "This adds a new
> loext:resize-with-cell attribute for ODF to the draw:frame element."
> Please describe, how this new attribute will interact with already existing
> attributes
> 19.627 table:end-cell-address
> 19.632 table:end-x
> 19.633 table:end-y
> The UI in Excel and Gnumeric have these settings:
> A
> Don't move or size with cells (Excel), Absolute size and position (Gnumeric).
> That is "anchor to page" in LibreOffice.
> B
> Move and size with cells (Excel), Move and resize with cells (Gnumeric).
> C
> Move but don't size with cells(Excel), Move with cells (Gnumeric).
> Gnumeric sets the attribute "table:end-cell-address" in case of B in ODF. So
> Gnumeric solves the size problem without introducing a new attribute.
> From my understanding, you get the case C, if no additional attribute is
> used on the frame. Then the size is determined by svg:width and svg:height.
> Only LibreOffice does currently not respect the fixed size.

Hi Regina, saw your comment just now.
Will read the docs and see if I can implement it the same way as gnumeric does.
Is there any definition in ODF when the table:end-cell-address is to be used?

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