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> Created attachment 139747 [details]
> Suggest fix for Simplified Chinese

Was this a modification of my patch in comment 9 or something you created from

> In Windows, they have "微软雅黑 [Microsoft Yahei]" shipped by default by
> Microsoft Windows which is actually sans. They also have "宋体 [SimSun]" which
> is actually serif. These are all commonly used.

>From what i've seen, 新宋体 [NSimSun] (monospaced) seems to be more prevalent than
宋体 [SimSun] (proportional), so you sure you want to go with SimSun?

> In Mac OX X, they have 华文细黑 and 华文宋体.

Traditional Chinese went with PingFang TC as the default sans, so it might be
good to have PingFang SC as the default sans for OSX 10.11+ users, with a
fallback on 华文细黑 [STXihei]. What do you think?

About 华文宋体 [Songti SC], the chart in attachment 139870 has 3 characters for the
localized version of the name, similar to 宋體-繁, the 3 characters for Songti TC,
which we are using for traditional chinese.

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