--- Comment #14 from Kevin Suo <> ---
(In reply to Yousuf Philips (jay) from comment #13)

> Was this a modification of my patch in comment 9 or something you created 
> from scratch?

>From scratch.

> From what i've seen, 新宋体 [NSimSun] (monospaced) seems to be more prevalent 
> than 宋体 [SimSun] (proportional), so you sure you want to go with SimSun?

You can put 新宋体 [NSimSun], both Chinese and english names, before SimSun. They
are quite the same fonts (see attachment pdf) shipped with different MS
versions, but any version of MS has SimSum installed.

> Traditional Chinese went with PingFang TC as the default sans, so it might be 
> good to have PingFang SC as the default sans for OSX 10.11+ users, with a 
> fallback on 华文细黑 [STXihei]. What do you think?

I agree with the Traditioinal team. Pingfang is a new font added in the new Mac
OS. So, please use 萍方-简 [PingFang SC] 

> About 华文宋体 [Songti SC], the chart in attachment 139870 [details] has 3 
> characters for the localized version of the name, similar to 宋體-繁, the 3 
> characters for Songti TC, which we are using for traditional chinese.

I my understanding, 宋体-简 is just an aliens of 华文宋体. I do not have MAC OS
installed, so I have no more comment on this. So, it may be safe to use 萍方-简
[PingFang SC]  and fall back to 宋体-简 [Songti SC]

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