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I used pandoc to illustrate the problem, but the problem lies in the xmlfiles
generated by LO. Any other tool might make the point.

The fact that Word actually reacts well to the way to the styles in docx files
generated by LO is a facility of Word (retranslating the foreign style names
into standard styles). They can do that, in my understanding, thanks to "latent
styles", i.e. an underlying model that is not in the docx/xml file.  Said
otherwise, MS Word has a "fault-tolerant" feature that is not part of the ISO
spec of docx files. Unfortunately, other apps that rely on the standard spec of
docx files (as they should) will fail.

I found this explanation useful:

But the underlying issue is HOW one would define a compliant docx file? There
is a difference between impunity and legality: "Compliant to ISO/IEC 29500 " or
"loads satisfactorily into Ms Word" are NOT interchangeable definitions. In the
spirit of OO, the first is safer, as it is relatively stable definition, it has
general agreement, and if it changes, everyone will be notified in time. By
contrast doing something illegal but with impunity may elicit controversy:
indeed this feature of correcting stylesheets in Word is largely undocumented,
and they might change or alter it without notice.

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