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Hi again,

@Yousuf i've implemented according to your comment "It is possible that a
cell/cells fall within multiple conditional formatting ranges, and if so then
it should open up .uno:ConditionalFormatManagerDialog, else it should open up

if there is two or more condition on selected cell(s) open
.uno:ConditionalFormatManagerDialog else open .uno:ConditionalFormatDialog is
what i understand from your comment.

Is there any problem here?

(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #5)

> Simple and quick solution is to just get rid of the confirmation dialog as
> the user will see the previous made settings in the dialog.

This is easy to implement. 

> Right solution is to rework the request for
> that asked for three _different_
> commands. We do not have delete (better "clean") and add/modify are mixed-up.

But i don't understand the right solution. Please write the scenario with more
detail. I'll fix it.

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