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Test scenario

(In reply to Gülşah Köse from comment #6)
> But i don't understand the right solution. Please write the scenario with
> more detail. I'll fix it.

Sure, with pleasure.

(In reply to Yousuf Philips (jay) (retired) from comment #0)
> 1) Edit Conditional Formatting... - Shown when right-click on a single cell
> or a group of cells that all part of the same conditional formatting data
> range.
> 2) Delete Conditional Formatting - Appears whenever the edit entry appears
> and makes it easy to delete a conditional formatting range.
> 3) Manage Conditional Formatting... - Shown when right-clicking on a range
> of cells that contain one or more conditional formatting data ranges in it.

The attached example has three columns, the first with no conditional
formatting (and no context menu entry), the second with one CF of "if <3 then
bad else if >3 then good", and on the third column it's split into c2..c3 with
"if <3 then bad" and c5..c6 "if >3 then good". 

The context menu should show "Conditional Formatting..." for col B, whether one
cell is selected or a range with the same CF - and start the dialog without
confirmation (also when you select B7, ie. a cell with no cf). And according
Jay's request #3 it should be "Manage Conditional Formatting.." for col C with
varying conditions.

If testing ranges for similar CF is too much effort you can also go with
"Manage CF" when more than one cell is selected (what was actually the

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