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--- Comment #6 from V Stuart Foote <> ---
(In reply to Timur from comment #5)
> If we choose a single issue, this bug should be about footnote. 
> But footnote font in MSO is "Palatino" and it's substituted in LO. From what
> I see, it is supplied in Mac. But I don't have it in Windows. So, wnot clear
> what would be the bug here. Better replacement? See Bug 64509.
> Title is "Tekton Pro Bold", not so nicely subsituted in LO. See Bug 61134.

Not clear here if the issue is on macOS, or when crossing between macOS and MS
Windows system. Assuming it is on the same macOS system, then same fonts are
available on that system and our ww8 import filter is incorrectly doing a font
replacement (we read the font assignment incorrectly in macOS's ww8 import
filter)--or there is no font substitution and our handling of font metrics
differs from MS Word (possible with move to HarfBuzz).

I'd suspect the second--but we'd need to know if there is a font replacement
occurring (i.e. bug 61134). Unfortunately we'd only see the font name name for
the style (text body/default or footnote) is showing italicized with tooltip
font is not available.

Q1--is this only on the same macOS system?

Q2--is the font being replaced with fallback incorrectly or not?

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 103342] [META] Font substitution bugs and enhancements
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