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Selection issue

Tried to solve the issue myself, and it's easy to change the background
depending on the color at templdlg.cxx with 

void StyleLBoxString::Paint() 
rRenderContext.SetDrawMode( DrawModeFlags::BlackFill );

Though I couldn't figure out how to access the font color of the current style,
perhaps something like

SfxItemSet& pItemSet = pStyleSheet->GetItemSet();
SfxPoolItem& pItem = pItemSet.GetItem( SID_ATTR_CHAR_COLOR_EXT );

But actually I tend to agree with m.a.riosv to keep it full WYSIWYG (comment 4)
since using a white font on white background (or vice versa) has been done
intentionally by the user. The alternative is to highlight the selection like
for default styles (such as Test 1 with automatic and none colors). 

In case of automatic font color it's adjusted in the sidebar too but apparently
with a different formula as shown in the attachment. Test 2 in the document is
black while it's contrast seems to be calculated as enough for white in the

To summarize: My suggestion would be to always highlight the selection in the
system color.

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