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(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #7)
> But actually I tend to agree with m.a.riosv to keep it full WYSIWYG (comment
> 4) since using a white font on white background (or vice versa) has been
> done intentionally by the user. The alternative is to highlight the
> selection like for default styles (such as Test 1 with automatic and none
> colors). 
I think the current situation is very bad UX. As a user I assume:

1) The "Show Preview" command for paragraph and character styles shows several
visual attributes of the style (all attributes of Font, 'Font Effect',
Highlight and Area tabs, maybe attributes from 'Indents & Spacing' tab like in
MSO and Position, Transparency and Borders tabs) to see what it changes if
assigned to text.

This isn't true today as it only shows font style and font color attributes.

2) If only some attributes are changed (for example light grey font color but
no background color change) then the NOT changed attributes (here: background
color) should be inverted to a value that the user can see his font color with
enough contrast as Heiko said in comment 5.

This isn't implemented yet.

3) For the user, it should always be clear what style is currently selected at
the page and what style was clicked by the user in the Styles sidebar.

This is true today but should be kept in mind when implementing 2).

Deactivating "Show Preview" is no solution for this issue.

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