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> ...
> thank you for the explanation.
> The only question I have, is regarding the pdfium filter you mention - "The
> pdfium based insert filter will render the 1st page of the document to a
> LibreOffice document canvas immediately."
> Is it enabled by default, or is it something that can be enabled to speed up
> the display.

There are two filter methods to work with PDF source content. One is the pdfio
"import" filter. It will extract the structure of the PDF and render them as
LibreOffice Draw objects (with varying fidelity). The other pdfium based
"insert" filter treats content in a PDF as an image source. At the moment there
is no UI/API implemented to target other than the first page of the PDF. The
fidelity to the original PDF is very high, but the resolution is a bit low
(currently 200ppi). Both facets of the pdfium filter are on the dev's list.

Both filters are enabled by default, but are reached with different controls in
the UI.  The pdfio "import" filter is used when you open a PDF from the OS. By
default it will open into Draw, but the filter can target other LibreOffice
modules. Alternatively, the pdfium "insert" filter is used just when inserting
a PDF source as an image, done from Insert -> Image.  

> Sorry if I misunderstood your response.

No worries, I probably was not clear enough.

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