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> Regarding the crowdedness of formulas, I'm not entirely sure what you mean.
The numerator and denominator were too close to the horizontal fraction line. 
The left part and the right part were too close to the '=', "<", etc.  These
are merely personal preferences; nothing is objectively wrong or bad.  My
preferences are likewise when I code equations in software.  I code
     C = 5.0 * (F - 32.0) / 9.0
rather than
     if  ((a != 0) && ((b * b) <= (4.0 * a * c)))
rather than
I tend to like space; for me, it improves readability.  By the way, how would I
get the horizontal spacing I like using the formula functionality?

Your comment 19 suggestions are quite helpful, and led to more discoveries for
me.  The text can be made two-line, making the whole fraction a single object. 
I can get the extra vertical space I like around the horizontal line by making
the vertical spacing of the text 1.5-space (between 1.15 space and double
space).  I can get very close to the vertical centering I want by clicking the
center radio button rather than the bottom center radio button in the Text
Anchor thing.  A little vertical "tweaking" will still be needed depending on
whether exponents or subscripts are used, whether lower or upper case is used,
whether characters have bottom parts (as do 'Q', 'g', 'j', 'p', and 'q'), etc..
 But I see in the Text Anchor functionality how to do that.

I was already familiar with the grouping functionality.  I should use it more
in my slides.

Thank-you for your help, Buovjaga.

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