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Actually there are two help pages on spreadsheet themes (to be updated):



A help button should open (b) page.

1) The features is there for ages and has not been correctly exploited, AFAIK.
The "theme" is a set of cell styles that is added to the document. The parent
styles has name "Card" and has child styles that encloses a range of cells. In
addition, cell styles named "Background", "Column Header", "Input" are also

2) However LO miss a piece of code to apply the theme styles to a cell range.
Applying the styles manually to spreadsheet tables is cumbersome.

3) I can imagine a use case in a complex spreadsheet with several tables
formatted with the Theme, and  will allow change of style attributes quite
easily, making the document more homogeneous or uniform throughout several

4) "Themes" are related to cell styles and "Autoformat" is related to direct
cell formatting.

5) for another ticket, once you highlight a theme in the dialog, the styles are
loaded to the document immediately and the Cancel button does not revert the
style loading.

6) Pivot tables also load a set of cell styles on creation and is the only way
I know to get fancy pivot tables, although every pivot table of a document will
get the same set of styles.

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