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(In reply to Buovjaga from comment #6)
> > ods version of the originally submitted Excel file
> I don't see any arrows in this.

Probably because I was asked to provide a copy of the originating .ods. I only
identified that reloading the saved EXCEL file into Libre required the arrows
to be manually removed. I sort of considered it was implied that Libre CALC was
"discarding" the "Power Detective" status on save and exit so there was no
issue from the trace arrows when reloading the original .ods document into
Libre. Conversely, the Excel file, with everything actively displayed when it
was saved, had everything --  weeeell, sort of embedded when it was reopened.

If you take the new file, select a few random locations or even all of the
array and then request some power detective precedents and dependents then you
will see the arrows.

If you save the document as an Excel file - give it any name you like - the
saved version will have all the embedded arrows in it and then, when you reopen
it in CALC, you will have to select each arrow individually to delete it.

Remiss of me, I failed to investigate whether the same effect is experienced
for ALL Excel derivative saves - I only used 2007-13 XML (xlsx) because that's
what I was targetting.

As the error report is about the extension "power Detective" it may also be
prudent to install that before testing.
Sorry, My original "steps to produce" failed to specify that probable step 1 is
instal power detective - with the remaining identified steps incremented by 1.

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