--- Comment #9 from Colin <> ---
(In reply to Buovjaga from comment #8)
> As Power Detective is a LibreOffice extension, why do you expect its data to
> be retained in XLSX format?

I'm sorry, I don't really understand the question.

Are you asking me if I expected LibreOffice to perform the export it claimed to
be performing without leaving extraneous graphics in the file OR warning me
that it was unlikely to be able to comply as anticipated? If so, then the
answer is YES.

Are you asking me why I wanted to export it to the xlsx format? If so, then the
answer is that LibreOffice is a free and open format product that we both enjoy
using and neither of us has the right to dictate that the recipient of my
spreadsheet MUST have LibreOffice.

Are you saying that you feel a little sheepish for not thinking of performing
the simple task of removing the arrows in the erroneous file nor simply
selecting some cells within the new file you requested and subsequently asking
Power Detective to do it's thing? If so, then perhaps it was one of those days
- we all have 'em.

Are you saying you don't consider it to be a worthy issue report? If so, then I
apologise for wasting your time - I thought the foundation actually encouraged
users to interact. My bad ;).

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