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The bug is that you *do* allow it, not refuse it.

Right now, a user can open a PDF with LO and Draw will open it with the ability
to change and even export it. The only thing (to the user) that it can't do is
overwrite on export and instead offers a non-helpful error message.

If you don't want to be a PDF editor - fine, no arguments there. But then only
open PDF's as read-only. Remove the code that allows the user to make changes
and de-activate the save and export functions in that case.

A regular user is going to sensibly understand that being able to open a PDF
and make changes and then save those changes is thus 'editing' the PDF. (call
it export or whatever you like, that is *irrelevant* to the user) A user would
have a reasonable question that if LO is not a PDF editor, why is the
functionality there?

The cause of this bug report being filed was precisely because this is
mishandled - that is what needs to be fixed. Had the PDF been only opened
read-only, there would have no occasion to file the bug. Do I need to file a
separate bug for that, or is that too just going to be closed as 'wontfix'?

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