--- Comment #19 from Lionel Elie Mamane <> ---
Rah... Second test case, this time correct, is:

Sub Main
        Dim DBDocUI as Object
        on error resume next
        DBDocUI = ThisDatabaseDocument.currentController
        if not DBDocUI.isConnected then
        end if
        on error goto 0

        dim s as Object
        's = DBDocUI.ActiveConnection.createStatement()
        s = DBDocUI.ActiveConnection.prepareStatement("SELECT ""ID"" AS
""TID1"", ""ID"" AS ""TID2"" FROM ""MitgliederVerband""")
        'dim rs as Object
        'rs = rs.executeQuery("SELECT ""ID"" AS ""TID1"", ""ID"" AS ""TID2""
FROM ""MitgliederVerband""")
        rs = s.executeQuery()
        dim i as integer
        for i=1 to rs.metadata.ColumnCount
                MsgBox i & ": " & rs.metadata.getColumnName(i) & " " & 
        next i
        XRay rs.columns.ElementNames
        'XRay s.columns.getByName("ID")
        'XRay s.columns.getByName("ID1")
End Sub

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