--- Comment #27 from Gerhard Weydt <> ---
@25: That's just the problem I wanted to address: you people in the heart of
LibreOffice have many connections, but we simple users (as which I consider
myself: I have 30 years of experience in software development, but not in
LibreOffice; I am active in using LibO and writing handbooks, but not involved
in development; I certainly can help in testing, perhaps in suggesting, but
probably not in sketching solutions) do not have the information. I simply do
not know how to "put Tamás in cc" because I do not have his mail address. I
once registered with nabble (don't know why), and I think this will reveal the
address for me, but this was not what I asked for. I would have had the address
plainly: his mail address or some other for the same purpose. That's the same
issue as Stuart talking of ESC (comment #11): I simply don't know what this
means, I assumed that SC meant Steering Committee, but I still don't know.
So please give some more detailed information for us interested and new and
willing contributors.

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