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(In reply to Florian Reisinger from comment #33)

"Users" are not going to be working with master/6.1.0 at this point!

Rather, it remains in the preview of project QA effort and expert users who of
necessity must test and advise the developers if the code is suitable for
release. What role do you intend to play here?

Leaving the migration code and Firebird stuck in experimental mode as it has
been does nothing to move the effort along.

Please rest assured that if we get to the end of the 6.1 dev cycle--and the
code is not ready for release--hopefully not because it has not adequately been
tested and engaged feedback provided--it would be grounds for blocker status
and the release then does not roll until fixed.

Production use belongs currently on 5.4.6, or an earlier stable EOL release.
Production on current fresh 6.0.3 is probably safe--and can safely remain on
6.0 through the 6.0.7 and beyond its EOL in November 2018.

Point is folks are not and will not be forced to migrate to Firebird 3 for
internal data before they are comfortable that they can protect their processes
and data--they just will not be on the current "Fresh" build. 

Consider for example that currently we do not even recommend a 6.0 update for
5.4 and earlier users.

Not saying go away, but please roll up your sleeves and either build from
source and test, or tune in to the nightlies as they roll from our TinderBox
suite and test on that cycle as Tamás notes.

Constructive feedback on explicit issues with samples to Tamás (and the other
devs) is a lot more effective here than dropping an anchor and pestering the

Just saying...

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