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Hello Dieter,

I tried it again using your example odt.
Generally it has to do with "first line indentation in paragraphs"
So this is not really a ToC problem, maybe it‘s the same in lists? I didn‘t try
that. I guess this affects all paragraphs.

when I open the example document, I can see the dots. as in attachment "ToC
with dots (pos indent but no neg indent).png"

next step: increasing left indentation in contents2 to 1 cm
while decreasing indentation for the first line to -0.5 cm
-> dots disappear if text is short. see "dots missing (pos+neg indent)"

Because I wanted to see if this behaviour affects every paragraph (yes) I added
indentations to normal text as in "dotted tabs in standard paragraphs.png"
first: no ind
2nd step: increasing left indentation to 0.5 cm
3rd: changing "first line" to -0.5 cm left indentation

it depends on the length of the text left of the tab. if it fits in the value
of the "first line" indentation the tab will not be recognized...

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