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(In reply to Bojan from comment #15)
> Well, this is the result of following your instructions.
> 1. No libmysqlclient is provided by Leap 15.0

Try package mariadb-connector-c
It seems to me that it contains

> 2. No. libmysqlclient or version can be located in my
> system.
> 3. Only the library is installed.

That's surprising. libmysqlcppconn uses libmysqlclient. Unless the SuSE package
links it statically?

> It looks like libmysqlclient has been replaced by libmysqlcppconn.

I don't think so. AFAIK libmysqlcppconn uses libmysqlclient.

> I started LO ans a new (fresh) user so that the directories /4/user/... have
> been created from the scratch.

I think you either have to install package mariadb-connector-c from SuSE, or,
form my previous message:
3) In the installation directory of the extension, make a link (or copy)
   of to

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