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> ...
> There are other strange phenomena I observe. I think they are related:
> I think the F5 key should show the same behaviour as the F11 key but it does
> not. Both keys should open a dialogue that you can dock in the sidebar at
> the right. The differences are (assuming the dialogues are docked at right):
> Pressing F11:  Toggles the sidebar between visible and invisible state.
> Pressing F5:  Seems to do the same. I you look closer you will see
> differences:
> F11 creates a sidebar if there is none. Another F11 just minimizes the
> sidebar. It stays there until you close it using its menu in the upper right
> corner. F5 seems to create a dialogue and to remove it when you press F5
> again. Using the marker on the left side of the dialogue you can make it
> slide to the right. If you press F5 in this state then the only effect is
> that the marker disappears.
> Pressing F5 and F11 you can have two dialogues in the sidebar, one
> controlled by the F5 and one by the F11 key. The latter has a menu button in
> its upper right corner. The former has no such button. The button allows you
> to switch from the Manage Styles Dialogue to a Navigator dialogue. This way
> you can have two almost identical looking navigator dialogues in the
> sidebar. Pressing F11 switches one of these windows back to the Manage
> Styles Dialogue, pressing F5 makes the other navigator disappear. Pretty
> confusing. I miss a clear user interface concept: Why can I see navigator
> and styles at the same time but not styles and gallery? Why is the number of
> navigator dialogues limited to two?

Ancient history. As implemented for bug 73151 a separate instance of the
Sidebar framework to allow an F5 Navigator "content panel" to be open with any
_single_ "content panel" on the Sidebar's deck.  

At some point the Sidebar framework will be refactored to support multiple
detached content panels returning us to the era of each dialog having its own
implementation in source. That is work needed for bug 85905

Until then, the F5, F11, <ctrl>+F5 are shortcuts assigned to control the
Sidebar framework--supplementing the View and the Styles main menu entries, and
have had subtle UI changes at 5.4, 6.0, 6.1 and current master/6.2

Shortcuts behave a bit odd if the cursor focus is not on the document
canvas--pay attention to where the UI is active.

And seems most of your issues with your profile are with trying to work with
the Sidebar Deck in an undocked state. IHMO the Styles content panel of the
Sidebar Deck and what you incorrectly call "Manage Styles" (its label on the
Styles menu) is not intended to be undocked by default as you've left it in
profile. Dock it and see if you can recover your profile to a reliable state.

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