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(In reply to Cor Nouws from comment #8)
> I agree with Adalbert that it's not easy to use that part of the UI to
> insert references to bookmarks in a hyperlink.
> However, if you know which bookmark you need, just type the name in the
> field Target, Enter and you're done. that's easy and fast.
> Doesn't that work for you?
> (A problem is that the type Internet/Mail/Document ..) cannot be chosen by
> key board :\ (bug to be filed) and that the choice isn't remembered (bug
> 90496) )

Cor, thank you for the hint to enter the bookmark's name. On the next occasion
I'll try that in my daily life. 

>From the existing test sample I have derived a similar one by duplicating its
main content several times, see I did not know
that the bookmarks are also copied, but their names are varied automatically.
As a byproduct of my experiments I found a way to go to a specific using a
selection list in the order in which they appear in the document: The dialogue
in Insert>Bookmark shows the existing bookmarks sorted by pages and one can
misuse this one to go to one of them by double clicking on it (probably this
would be a more obvious use case for the navigator and perhaps the original
poster was looking for that). - In this case, the dialogue shows a multi column
list with headers and normally one would click on one of them in order to have
the list sorted by the contents of this column - which it does not provide. 

Unfortunately the relevant code is said to be a spaghetti monster. But once
someone touches it he might consider to standardize all use cases where a list
of bookmarks appears (i.e. the navigator and the insert bookmark and possibly
others) such that they all look the same in the part showing existing bookmarks
and all allow sorting by any column.

One other finding there is, that a bookmark to a marked word is displayed
differently to a bookmark just to an insertion point.

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